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You can find our car rental in Dortmund Nord at Evinger Str. 70. The rental station is only four kilometers away from the main station in Dortmund. The airport is 21 kilometers away.


Buchbinder in Dortmund, Evinger Straße
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Lots to see: On tour through Dortmund with Buchbinder

Our rental station is located in the immediate vicinity of the underground station "Waldesruh". You will find the nature reserve "Süggel", an important local recreation area, nearby. The extensive beech stands, up to 150 years old, have been protected since 2005. Here you can take a relaxing stroll and observe nature - who would have expected this in Dortmund?


Discover the charm of the Ruhr area

The northern part of Dortmund is considered to be the largest contiguous old building area in the Ruhr region - 65 residential buildings or housing estates are on Dortmund's list of monuments.

Buchbinder wishes you a pleasant stay in Dortmund! 


Buchbinder in Hanau: rental car for excursion, relocation or transport!

Buchbinder in Hanau offers a large selection of rental cars. With us you will find your desired model for a city tour as well as the right vehicle for the move. But not only do we have rental cars, we also offer a lot of accessories for cars and trucks. Last but not least: Until the vehicle is picked up, you always have the option of canceling the vehicle for free. Buchbinder is worth it!