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Our car rental in Bremen is conveniently located in the Habenhausen district, with connections to the A1 and the airport in Fritz-Thiele-Straße 5, opposite the "Werder Karree". The Krimpelsee is only a few hundred metres away. Bremen main station is about 7 kilometres away, Hamburg airport is about 80 minutes away.


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Explore Bremen - with Buchbinder rental cars

The Hanseatic city of Bremen is definitely worth a visit. From our rental station you can easily reach the city of Bremen with your rental car. Here, hidden behind the Bremen Town Hall, you will find the city's landmark: the Bremen Town Musicians. Whoever rubs the donkey's legs here has a wish free. The town hall, one of the most important buildings of the Gothic period, is also worth a visit. In the immediate vicinity are the Bremen Cathedral, the Bremen Roland and the Böttcherstraße, which due to its architecture belongs to the cultural monuments of Bremen, other important sights of the city. Further you reach the oldest part of the city, the "Schnoor". The medieval Schnoor quarter enchants with its small, winding alleyways, lots of handicrafts, artistic fountains and probably the smallest hotel in the world.

Something for everyone - the Buchbinder rental car fleet

If you want to explore Bremen and the surrounding area in a small city car, Buchbinder is just as easy to use as a tour in a noble limousine, in a spacious station wagon or in a powerful SUV. Our range of rental cars is so extensive that you can also fall back on various vans. And if you need a 12-tonne truck - for example for a major move - we at Buchbinder will also fulfil this wish for you.   

Buchbinder wishes you a pleasant stay in Bremen!


Buchbinder in Bremen: Your reliable rental car partner!

Find your dream rental car with Buchbinder in Bremen - and much more! For example, you can choose a small car for a city trip or a van to suit your move. In addition to the vehicles, we offer you a large selection of accessories for cars and trucks. Another advantage for our customers: You have the option of cancelling your reservation free of charge until the time you pick up the vehicle!