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Rosenheim is an important transport hub in Germany. The city, which has a population of just under 63,500, serves as a transport connection between München, Salzburg, and Innsbruck, while the Brenner northern railway line also forms part of the hub. However, Rosenheim really isn’t somewhere that you simply pass through — as it also grants access to a host of lakes (including the famous Chiemsee Lake) and to the mountains. Reason enough to give Rosenheim a closer look — ideally with a rental car from Buchbinder.

Car rental in Rosenheim: rental branch in south of the city

There are Buchbinder stations at several different locations in Rosenheim — this includes one at Klepperstraße 20 in the south of the city. Here you will not only find an on-site contact who will be happy to answer any questions you may have, but also a fantastic fleet consisting of vehicles to suit every need. 

Buchbinder in Rosenheim: you can also find us here

There is also another rental branch at Sepp-Heindl-Straße 2, which is part of Unterberger. Likewise, our team is on hand here with advice and support. Take a look at our website — and find the offer that is tailored to your requirements.



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Things to consider when driving in Germany

Car drivers from abroad who are driving in Germany for the first time should be aware of a few fundamental rules.

  • In residential areas there is generally a speed limit of 50 km/h — away from built-up areas, the maximum permitted speed is 100 km/h. On fast roads there is usually a speed limit of 130 km/h, while motorways have no general speed limit, although the recommended speed is likewise 130 km/h.

  • In Germany, vehicles drive on the right-hand side. It is particularly important that this be noted by drivers from England, Ireland, and Australia!

  • The blood-alcohol regulations are another unique feature when driving in Germany: for drivers under the age of 21, or who have held their licence for less than two years, a blood-alcohol limit of 0.0 per mille applies. For all other drivers, the limit is 0.5 per mille.

Regardless of the occasion for which you need a rental car, with Buchbinder Rent-a-Car you have the perfect partner by your side — and not just in Rosenheim!

Things to do in Rosenheim 

A day in Rosenheim’s Old Town could begin with a coffee at St. Josefs Platz in the Rosenheim pedestrian area. You can then keep strolling until you reach Ludwigsplatz. 

A leisurely walk in the Riedergarten, an incredibly beautiful park which is open all day long, also offers the chance to pay a visit to the Lokschuppen Rosenheim (locomotive exhibition). This is an exhibition centre within a former engine house. 

Those who are interested in the history of the city can learn more in the Städtisches Museum Rosenheim (Rosenheim Municipal Museum).

Fancy a little bit more action? How about a visit to the Rosenheim Escape Room, perhaps followed by a night out in one of the numerous bars?