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Car Rental in Augsburg: Buchbinder is your first contact point

Why not explore the beautiful city of Augsburg in southwestern Bavaria in a rental car from Buchbinder? We are at your disposal on site: In Augsburg, we can be reached at two locations - Werner-Heisenberg-Straße and Zugspitzstraße - and cover the city area in a meaningful way. The major university city of Augsburg has almost 300,000 inhabitants, making it the largest city in Bavaria after Munich and Nuremberg. Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany and with its many significant cultural attractions it has an appeal that extends far beyond Germany. These include the city's important cathedral buildings as well as the Augsburg Zoo and the Fuggerei in Augsburg's Old Town. If you are in the city, you usually want to see the goldsmith fountain. Even the medieval city walls want to miss a few visitors.

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Buchbinder Car Rental in Augsburg

Buchbinder Car Rental offers numerous car and truck models:

  • Small car, station wagon, sedan
  • Off-road vehicle / SUV
  • Convertible, sports cars, special cars
  • Sprinter, van for the perfect move
  • Top brands: BMW, VW, Mercedes

Explore the city of Augsburg by with the rental car

Augsburg is also characterized by its large number of museums. The Maximilian Museum has existed since 1855, and since 2006 the Jewish Museum of Culture has been presenting the life of the Jews in Augsburg in a permanent exhibition. Other important museums include the Roman Museum and the Schwäbische Handwerkermuseum. Therefore, it makes sense to use a reliable rental car during your exploration of the city with its many important stations. This is exactly what Buchbinder in Augsburg offers: Here you can access a large selection of vehicles, including many models of the top brands in the German market. Are you on a business trip in Augsburg and would like to quickly change to a suitable vehicle when you arrive in the city? Or are you a tourist in Augsburg and value flexibility? Buchbinder is your reliable partner in all situations. Rent a vehicle from our attractive vehicle fleet now. If you wish, you can make the reservation online or by phone. Usually watch the goldsmiths fountain. Even the medieval city walls do not want to miss visitors

Car rental in Augsburg: our station at the New East Cemetery

In the Zugspitzstraße  you will find Buchbinder in Augsburg Lechhausen am Neuen Ostfriedhof. This rental station is conveniently located for those arriving by train - the main train station is just 5.5 km away. As usual at Buchbinder, at this car rental station you have access to our full range of cars and trucks. These include small cars and station wagons as well as prestigious limousines. You rent from us vehicles of the top brands BMW, VW and Mercedes. You can even choose sports cars and special cars. Why not take a convertible for your trip through Augsburg and enjoy the wind? You can not move more relaxed through the city. At Buchbinder in Augsburg everyone finds a vehicle that satisfies him.

Rent a car in Augsburg: Buchbinder in the Werner-Heisenberg-Straße

You will find our second rental station in Augsburg at Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 11.  Here, too, you will enjoy the proximity to the main train station, which is only 4.5 km away and therefore easily reachable. From this station, you can start your exploration of the city, no matter where you are. You would like to move to Augsburg and organize the transport of your belongings yourself? Then you can look forward to our transporter and Sprinter offers. If you are looking for a more robust vehicle, choose SUVs or SUVs from us. Buchbinder in Augsburg allows you to enjoy maximum mobility at competitive prices.

Important traffic rules for foreign tourists at a glance

You travel as a foreign tourist for the first time on German roads and do not know all the details of our traffic rules? Here we have summarized the most important rules for you. If you would like to clarify further details, you can always contact our service staff at the rental stations. But you should know these important traffic rules in any case:

  • Do not drive faster than 50 km / h in the built-up areas. Only outside the built-up areas the higher speed limit of 100 km / h applies. You can then drive up to 130 km / h on the motorways.
  • Are you traveling from the United Kingdom, Ireland or Malta? Then you have to get used to the right-hand traffic in Germany.
  • Telephoning is not allowed in the car in Germany. An exception applies if you opt for a rental car with a hands-free device.
  • If you have your driving license for less than 2 years or are under the age of 21, you must not drink alcohol. The alcohol limit of 0.0 applies. Otherwise, for adults, a blood alcohol limit of 0.5 applies.

Experience Augsburg now with the rental car 

You will not experience Augsburg more comfortable than in a rental car from the Buchbinder range. Our comprehensive vehicle fleet meets every need and we are at your disposal at the most important locations in the city. Buchbinder's service staff will always help you to make your stay in the beautiful Roman city as pleasant as possible. Come and visit us now and convince yourself of Buchbinder, your car rental company in Augsburg!

Here is a part of our fleet for you on site