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Car Rental in Mannheim: Buchbinder is always there for you

In the third largest city in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg Buchbinder provides you with two stations quickly accessible car hire in Mannheim. Our offer in Mannheim includes many attractive vehicles of the top brands, with which you can experience the city in a new way. This applies to locals without their own vehicle as well as tourists from home and abroad. And anyone traveling on business in Mannheim has long relied on the reliable service provided by Buchbinder on site.

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Buchbinder Car Rental in Mannheim

Buchbinder Car Rental offers numerous car and truck models:

  • Small car, station wagon, sedan
  • Off-road vehicle / SUV
  • Convertible, sports cars, special cars
  • Sprinter, van for the perfect move
  • Trucks up to 12t and special vehicles (on request)
  • Top brands: BMW, VW, Mercedes

Explore the culture of Mannheim with a rental car

The city of Mannheim with more than 300,000 inhabitants offers many cultural attractions that make a visit worthwhile. The city-defining baroque palace is one of the largest palace complexes in Europe. The National Theater Mannheim and the Kunsthalle Mannheim must not miss out on any culture-loving visitors to the city. Mannheim is also one of the most important university cities in Germany and is considered a major traffic junction between Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart. Among other things Mannheim owes this latter position to its ICE hub and the large inland port. This makes Mannheim the economic and cultural center of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

If you would like to experience the city in all its facets, traveling in Mannheim is most comfortable with a rental car: In the City on the main station and in Mannheim Neckarau near the airport we are at your disposal with our car rental in Mannheim. You need a vehicle for recreational rides in the countryside, would like to explore the city and its attractions or need a representative limousine for your business appointment? Buchbinder in Mannheim is ready for all this and much more. You want to book your car conveniently online or by phone? That too is possible with us.

Rent a car in Mannheim: our location in the city

In the middle of the city you will find Buchbinder on Bismarckplatz 15-17. Here we are in a central location available: No matter where your journey in the city of Mannheim should go, our rental car station in the city is the ideal, first point of contact. The location is particularly interesting because of its proximity to Mannheim Central Station, as it is less than 1 km away. If you arrive by train, you can immediately transfer to your rental car. At Buchbinder you will find a suitable car or truck for virtually every occasion. We offer you our comprehensive selection of small cars and station wagons as well as limousines. If it pulls you into light terrain, an SUV is compulsory. Those who like to travel faster, opt for a convertible or a sports car from our fleet. You are planning a move in the city and need a suitable van or sprinter for this? Then come right to us. Special Cars are also part of our offer. For example, at Buchbinder everyone will find a rental car that suits them.

Car rental in Mannheim: Rent a car at the airport

Our second important location in Mannheim is just a few kilometers from the airport. In Mannheim Neckerau you will find us in the Casterfeldstraße 39-41 and the fastest way to arrive is to get through the driveway on Brückeswasen. Who arrives by plane in Mannheim, has an easy easy time to book a rental car. Are you interested in vehicles of the top brands such as BMW, VW or Mercedes? Do you need a truck up to 12 t for a transport or would you like to request special vehicles? Everything is possible with Buchbinder. By the way: If you want to continue from Mannheim to Heidelberg, our two rental stations are conveniently located. It is only 30 minutes from Buchbinder in Mannheim to Heidelberg.

The most important traffic rules for foreign tourists at a glance

Mannheim is popular with tourists - also from abroad - because of its attractive cultural offer. For these customers, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the basic traffic rules in Germany. You can always ask our service staff for advice on site in our rental stations. First of all, here are some of the most important rules at a glance:

  • In Germany the legal traffic applies. As a car driver, please always keep to the right side of the road. This rule should be taken into account above all by tourists from countries such as the United Kingdom or Ireland, as they are accustomed to left-hand traffic.
  • You are over 21 years old and have your driving license for more than 2 years? Then you have an legal alcohol limit of 0.5. For all other drivers there is a strict alcohol ban.
  • In Germany, there are various permissible maximum speeds. In closed villages, the limit is 50 km / h, outside of closed villages you can drive up to 100 km / h fast. As soon as you move on the federal highways, the limit rises to 130 km / h.

Experience Germany in your rental car from Buchbinder

Mannheim is best traveled in a vehicle from the fleet of Buchbinder. With us you rent cars on competitive terms and benefit from our friendly, fast and competent service. Make your trip in Mannheim as comfortable as possible. Join Buchbinder now and choose your new rental car!

Here is a part of our fleet for you on site