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Here you will find a compilation of the frequently asked questions concerning the rental of cars and trucks. You will probably also find the answer to your question here:

A trip abroad - is that possible?

The renter and the driver are not allowed to use the vehicle outside the contractual territory. The contractual territory is Europe with the exception of the countries mentioned below for the respective vehicle category. Prohibited countries for all vehicle categories: Albania, the Baltic Republics, Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Russian Federation, Malta, Ukraine, Belarus and Cyprus. 

When traveling abroad within the above mentioned and permitted contract area EMobG collects a separate fee “Cross Border Fee (CBF)”. In the case of permissible trips abroad, you and/ or any driver are obliged to inform EMobG about the planned travel abroad when booking and at the latest before crossing the border.

Specific questions about the use of our vehicles abroad will be answered by our Service Center at +49 203 860510 or by e-mail at [email protected]

The vehicle was stolen - what to do?

In the event of vehicle theft, the renter / driver is obliged to hand over the vehicle keys and documents to the police or the nearest rental office without delay. The staff of the rental station or our free service hotline (+49 203 860510) will help you!

What should I do if I have an accident with the rental car?

After every external or self-inflicted accident (even without the participation of third parties), theft, fire, wild collision or other damage to the rental vehicle, the renter and / or driver is obliged:

a) immediately notify Buchbinder by telephone (emergency service day and night) and thereby coordinate the further use of the damaged rental vehicle.

b) immediately inform and call the police; in case of telephone inaccessibility of the police report the damage at the nearest police station. If the police refuse to take an accident, the renter must submit a written confirmation from the police.

c) to record the names of the persons involved in the accident and the license plates of the vehicles involved in the accident, including their liability insurance including the associated insurance certificate number, and to ask for names and addresses of persons who qualify as witnesses.

d) to inform the lessor immediately and comprehensively about the accident and to sign the lessor a carefully and truthfully completed accident report.

e) to take all measures that are reasonable and possible within the scope of what is appropriate and conducive to the investigation and the preservation of evidence, in particular to answer the lessor's questions truthfully and in a timely manner on the circumstances of the damage event

Of course we do not hope that such a case does happen. If it does happen, keep calm and contact your rental station or our free service hotline: +49 203 3485456.

What insurance cover do I have with my rental car?

All our rental cars are liability insured with a maximum coverage of 50 million euros for personal injury and property damage. So you enjoy a comprehensive insurance coverage with the vehicles of Buchbinder Rent-a-Car.

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