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Whether hiking, skiing vacation or city tour - vacation we come!

Be on the safe side even on your winter vacation! With the protection packages from Buchbinder you will find the right travel protection.

The cooler season has begun and finally nothing stands in the way of winter, snow and white mountains. Pack up your things, gather your loved ones and you're ready to go. 
However, one important issue should be addressed before any trip: Have you chosen the right insurance for your rental? What to do if something should happen on the way? Who will pay for any damage? All these questions are answered by our various protection packages and insurances. Choose the right package for your rental depending on the reason for your trip.

Our protection packages

Basic protection

I am already protected against

  • Collision damage
  • Theft
  • Personal injury (passenger)

Full deductible

Medium protection

I am already protected against:

  • Collision damage
  • Theft
  • Damage to glass and tires (rubber)
  • Personal injury (driver and passengers)

Reduced deductible

Premium protection

I am already protected against:

  • Collision damage
  • Theft
  • Damage to glass and tires (rubber)
  • Personal injury and loss of luggage (driver and passengers)
  • Minimum age 26 years


No deductable

Important to know:

If something has been damaged or stolen, please file a report with the local police and obtain written confirmation. Please report the damage within 5 days to: TSM Assistance c/o AXA Corporate Solutions 

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Is the right equipment on board for the planned trip?

If additional drivers, child seats or other extras are required, these can simply be booked in the booking process. You can find some examples and explanations here.

Additional driver

With a registered additional driver for your rental car, you can take turns during longer drives and have more flexibility and more safety.

You book an additional driver for 10,90 € / day (up to a maximum of 79.90 €) conveniently online in the ordering process.

Baby seat 0-13 kg

With the baby seat, your baby rides safely and comfortably in all Buchbinder rental cars.

Daily rate: 12,75 €.

Child seat

With the child seat your child will experience an exciting and safe journey in all Buchbinder rental cars.

Price per day: 12,75 €

Navigation devices

Always arrive safely and on time - with our mobile navigation devices. 

Price per day: 10,50 €