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Rent a van cheaply with Buchbinder

Is a small van like our VW Caddy enough for your project or would you prefer a bit more storage space - like with the Ford Transit or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter? On our website you can choose from a broad range of vehicles for your van rental. From small to spacious vans. Rent your van online, pick it up, drive off - it couldn't be easier! Mobile on point with Buchbinder Rent-a-Car.

Find the right van for your rental

Why choose Buchbinder for your van rental?


Our diverse fleet will meet your individual requirements.

No matter whether you are planning a removal, a large piece of furniture has to be transported or a large purchase has to be made. Our diverse fleet will meet your individual requirements. We offer you a broad range of rental vans from renowned brands such as:

  • Ford

  • Mercedes-Benz


  • and others

And best of all: Our rental vans can all be driven with a normal driving license (class B/3) and a minimum age of 18 years.

Our vans and trucks are available at over 200 locations in Germany. Which station suits you best, you can easily find out in our station search

In addition, we have at a total of 14 locations in metropolitan areas our Van & Truck Supersites with an even larger selection of vehicles. With us everyone will find the right rental van or truck for his or her needs.

One thing is always in the foreground with our vehicles: the low prices and nationwide availability. You can count on these and on our reliable service!

Van rental: What do I need for my removal?

Are you looking for a van that is above all compact and nimble? If so, we can recommend our more compact vans (GR.0) like the VW Caddy. For transporting individual pieces of furniture, our Group 1 (GR.1) with vans like the Ford Transit is ideal. Group 2 (GR.2), with vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, offers a significantly larger loading area as well as over a ton of payload. They are the perfect choice for moving 1-2 room apartments. 

If you need anything else for the removal apart from rental vans, we also offer some helpful extras, of course - from sacking trucks to moving boxes and load securing equipment. Further information can be found here.

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Van or truck: Which loading area do I need for my move?

Depending on the size of the move, different van and truck classes come into question. For a conventional move of a 2-3 room flat, a 3.5 ton truck is a good choice. As these can also be driven with a car driving licence (class B/3), they are a popular choice. Find out more about our 'small trucks' here.

More information about our vans and trucks

7,5 ton trucks

Are you planning to move together with your family, your household exceeds 3 rooms or you want to save yourself multiple rides? In this case we recommend our 7.5 ton trucks. Here you can find out everything you need to know about renting our 7.5 tonne trucks.

12 & 15 ton trucks

For particularly extensive moves or transports, we also offer our customers the option of renting a 12 or 15 tonne truck. Learn more here and easily rent one of our 12 ton trucks online if needed.

Special vehicles

For some occasions, a regular van or truck just won't fit. For these cases, our Buchbinder fleet offers a whole range of special vehicles such as three-way tippers. You can find more information here.

Additional services & equipments

In addition to a suitable vehicle, moving usually requires additional equipment such as moving boxes or packing blankets. Get an overview of our extensive range of equipment and our useful additional services here.

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