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Our vans: The cost-effective solution for small removals

Is it enough for you to have a small van like our Renault Kangoo Rapid Maxi or can it be a bit more storage space - like the Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit? All these classes can be reserved through our booking system, from vans to spacious vans. Book, pick up, drive off - it could not be easier. It does not matter if you have to relocate, if a piece of furniture has to be transported or if a bulk purchase is on the program at IKEA. One thing is always in the foreground of our vehicles: the low prices. You can count on this and our service!

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Transporter or truck: What cargo area do I need for my move?

For smaller moves or the transport of furniture and electrical appliances, a station wagon is often too small and a truck just too big. In our van fleet you will find the solution! We only offer models from renowned brand manufacturers such as Ford, IVECO, Mercedes Benz, Renault and Fiat. Transporter is not the same as a transporter. Our fleet responds to your requirements. You need a pickup truck, which is above all easy to drive and "handy" should be? Then we recommend the vehicle group TAKN. An open cargo area and a lot of driving pleasure offers our Ford Ranger in the group of vehicles PCDR and a huge load area as well as over a ton payload the group TEKN has to offer. Good to know: In contrast to large trucks, all vans on this page are to drive with the normal car driving license (class B / 3). Of course, if you need a van for a move, we also offer you some helpful extras - from sack trucks to moving boxes. Further information can be found on our website.


Rent a van: Here you can find us directly on site

Our vans are available at over 150 stations in Germany and Austria. Which station suits you best, you can easily find out in our station search. Several Buchbinder stations can be found in:


Vans & Commercial Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an introduction to how the rented vehicle works?

Of course, our staff will make sure that you can get to know your rental car before you start. For questions, the colleagues are always open.

Are all models available at every station?

Our vehicles, both the passenger cars and the vans and trucks, are divided into different categories. If you choose a rental car from Buchbinder, then first book a vehicle category. This is to simplify the selection on the one hand. On the other hand, several similar makes can be offered on the same terms in this way. Please understand that an assurance of a particular make and feature is therefore usually not given. Due to the very different capacity utilization in the car rental industry, we can not guarantee that always all vehicle models are available everywhere. Nevertheless, at Buchbinder we give our best to meet your wishes, so you get your preferred car. In principle, it should be noted that vans and trucks are not available at the airport stations.

Can only one person drive the booked vehicle?

Only the person registered in the rental contract is entitled to use the vehicle. However, if the rental car is used by several people, we charge a fee of up to 7.50 € day. This does not apply to commissioned company drivers.

How is my rental car insured?

All our rental cars are unlimited liability insurance. So you enjoy a comprehensive insurance coverage with the vehicles of Buchbinder Rent-a-Car. Depending on the type of vehicle rented, we also offer you a reduction of the excess in the event of a hull damage. You can take out the liability reduction recommended by us directly online or directly on site when you rent.

Further questions and the appropriate answers can be found in our FAQ.


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