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Additional car equipment and services

In addition to a wide-ranging fleet of cars, Buchbinder also offers a wide range of useful accessories and additional services. Here is an overview of these options:


Our additional services and equipment in detail:

basic protection package

already included in the base price 

deductible depending on category from 1050 €

medium protection package

optionally bookable already from 15,40€.

deductible reduced up to 500€, may vary depending on category

premium protection package

optional bookable from 25,89€ already

no deductible

bookable from 26 years

Desired vehicle "Diesel"

Current price: 6 €. The request is considered according to availability.

Desired vehicle "automatic"

Current price: 5,40 €. The request is considered according to availability.

Guaranteed navigation system

Current price: 9,00 €

Baby seat/Baby carrier

Current price: 12,00 €

Rental outside opening hours

50 € (must be confirmed by the station)

Additional driver/Second driver

Current price: 10,00 €


Vehicle is delivered at another station than it was picked up (applies to Germany), additional costs: 35,00 €

Winter suitable tires

This is included from November to March. Outside this period there is a charge of 17,00 € per day.

Young driver fee (18-23J)

Current price: 10,00 €