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Tradition meets innovation: Robben & Wientjes can now be booked online

Regensburg / Duisburg, 26.06.2019 - For more than 40 years the car rental company Robben & Wientjes - or simply "the seal" belongs to the cityscape of Berlin. During this time, the company has become a real cult with its low prices, rustic charm and friendly staff. Even after the takeover of Robben & Wientjes by the Regensburg car rental company Buchbinder, nothing has changed in these traditional values ​​to the delight of many regular customers. However, the fact that the adherence to tradition and the advancement of technical innovations do not exclude each other, proves the enterprise now with a small but important progress: Since the 17. June interested customers beside the classical reservation ways over telephone, E-Mail or the direct visit in a branch can also access the newly installed online reservation.

Bad accessibility is a thing of the past

Both for the customers and for Robben & Wientjes itself, this new booking route should be a real problem solver. Due to technical changes and staff bottlenecks, over the past few months there have always been long telephone waiting times and problems with the availability of the Robben branches. These difficulties may now be a thing of the past due to the ease of online booking. "We are aware that the last time in terms of accessibility has not been optimal. Many customers had to wait a long time before they finally had their "Robbe" reserved. Too long! With our new online booking at we can finally deliver the promised solution. We are very pleased that our customers will find it much easier in the future and that the seal's tradition of this technical innovation can look forward to a successful future, "says Hubert M. Terstappen, Managing Director of Buchbinder. "By the way, Robben & Wientjes' premise will be to maintain the typical character of the brand over the next few years and to provide better service at certain points through new developments - I think Berliners can look forward to that!" , so Terstappen continue.

About the Buchbinder company group:

“Mobility on point.” – This claim has been Buchbinder Rent-a-Car’s mission since its foundation. Reliable and competent service as well as high-valueable rental vehicles at fair prices is what the Regensburger car rental, which contains an extensive network of about 165 city- & airport stations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Northern Italy, stands for. Besides the car-, transporter and bus-rental the full-range provider obtained the market leadership inside the truck-segment inside Germany and Austria. Since 2015 the brand portfolio of Buchbinder Rent-a-Car includes the modern brands GLOBAL and CaRE. These two came up with a brand new franchise-concept causing movements inside the car rental market. With international locations, which are directed by franchise holders and partners, Buchbinder puts a big network of over 5000 car rental stations in more than 100 countries at their customer’s disposal. The customers are the focus, their satisfaction is the biggest maxim. Since 2017 Buchbinder is part of the Europcar Mobility Group and takes over the operational business of the Europcar subsidiary InterRent in Germany and Austria.

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