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Buchbinder Rent-a-Car: Ford Mondeo Hybrid - our fleet is growing sustainably

Regensburg/Duisburg, 27.05.2019 –  As part of a large-scale sustainability and energy audit project, 250 new Ford Mondeo Hybrid models entered the Buchbinder fleet in mid-May. The vehicles, all of which are equipped with an innovative drive concept in terms of range, ride comfort and energy balance, can be booked for a small surcharge of 2.50 euros per day - subject to availability.

Drive for the future

The innovative drive concept of the Ford Mondeo Hybrid combines the advantages of an electric motor with the range and dynamics of a powerful gasoline engine, without the need for Buchbinder customers to visit an electric filling station. Rather, the Ford Mondeo Hybrid achieves its fuel efficiency through the smooth switching between electric and gasoline engine, so that the combined consumption is at an economical 4,8l / 100 kilometers (according to the manufacturer). While the hybrid vehicle is exclusively electrically powered at low speeds or short distances, the 2.0 l petrol engine designed specifically for the vehicle is used at higher speeds. In addition, the Ford Mondeo Hybrid has a regenerative braking system that uses the braking energy to charge the battery and maximize the range. With the introduction of hybrid models, the Regensburg car rental company aims to make a positive contribution to the topic of environmental friendliness.

"Vehicles with innovative technologies are becoming increasingly important from a customer perspective. For us it is a matter of course with our fleet on the amount of time to be on the way ", so the managing director Hubert M. Terstappen over the fleet extension.

Mr. Terstappen adds: "In times when the customer's desire for future-oriented technologies is growing, we want to set a good example as a car rental company. In this way, we specifically face the challenge of making a verifiable contribution to sustainable development. Our direction remains the same, always moving forward and getting better. "

About the Buchbinder company group:

“Mobility on point.” – This claim has been Buchbinder Rent-a-Car’s mission since its foundation. Reliable and competent service as well as high-valueable rental vehicles at fair prices is what the Regensburger car rental, which contains an extensive network of about 165 city- & airport stations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Northern Italy, stands for. Besides the car-, transporter and bus-rental the full-range provider obtained the market leadership inside the truck-segment inside Germany and Austria. Since 2015 the brand portfolio of Buchbinder Rent-a-Car includes the modern brands GLOBAL and CaRE. These two came up with a brand new franchise-concept causing movements inside the car rental market. With international locations, which are directed by franchise holders and partners, Buchbinder puts a big network of over 5000 car rental stations in more than 100 countries at their customer’s disposal. The customers are the focus, their satisfaction is the biggest maxim. Since 2017 Buchbinder is part of the Europcar Mobility Group and takes over the operational business of the Europcar subsidiary InterRent in Germany and Austria.

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