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A golden autumn: Buchbinder is cost and service champion!

Once again, the Regensburg car rental Buchbinder Rent-a-Car was able to convince with its work.

Regensburg / Duisburg, 16 October 2018 

Once again, the Regensburg car rental company Buchinder Rent-a-Car was able to convince with its work. The Institute Service Value from Cologne hosted a large gala in September, at which Buchbinder was awarded the "Price Champion 2018" award on behalf of the "Welt". In a large-scale study, the company had achieved top rankings among all major car rental companies with its customer-friendly pricing policy.

Just days later, the "Service Champion 2018 in Gold" award - also awarded by Service Value and Welt - went to Buchbinder. In the underlying investigation, more than 3,000 companies from around 320 industries were examined with regard to their customer service. Within a very short time, these two prizes honored the successful work of the traditional car rental company from a renowned location.

The fact that these awards are no coincidence is shown by taking a look at the impressive "award record" of recent years. Between 2016 and today, the Buchbinder Award Gallery will feature around 20 premieres presented by independent institutions such as Focus Money, ntv and Wirtschafts Woche. Buchbinder sees in these beautiful successes an appreciation for the work done and at the same time an incentive not to rest on the laurels won:

"Of course I am proud and very satisfied that we have once again - or in this case even twice - been awarded for our daily work, and my thanks go to our employees, who have brought Buchbinder to this high level for years For us, pricing and service are the two key pillars of our success, which makes these two prizes especially valuable to me, but those who know the DNA of our company also know that we also see in such awards the commitment not to let up, but to continue optimizing our service - that is my promise to our customers! "says Hubert M. Terstappen, Managing Director of Buchbinder Car Rental.

About the Buchbinder Group:

"Mobile on point." - this is the claim Buchbinder Rent-a-Car has made since its founding. Reliable and competent service, as well as high-quality rental vehicles at fair prices, this is the Regensburg car rental, which has an extensive network of stations over 152 city and airport stations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and northern Italy. In addition to passenger cars, van and bus rental, the full-range provider has gained market leadership in the truck sector in Germany and Austria over the years. Since 2015, the brand portfolio of Buchbinder Rent-a-Car also includes the modern brands GLOBAL Rent-a-Car and CaRE. Behind it is a completely new franchise concept that brings movement into the car rental market. With international locations run by franchisees and partners, the Buchbinder Group has since provided its customers with a large network of more than 5,000 rental car stations in over 100 countries. The focus is on customers whose satisfaction is the greatest maxim. Buchbinder has been part of the Europcar Mobility Group since September 2017.

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