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Buchbinder goes green!

Rev up sustainable - with our hybrid solution

Alternative drives and environmentally friendly mobility have become increasingly important for our society in recent years. These are not just trendy buzz words, but an important development for an ecologically and economically successful future. We want to help shape this future! As an introduction to the rental of vehicles with innovative drive concepts, we have currently added about 250 brand new Ford Mondeo Hybrid to our fleet. These are equipped with a combined electric and gasoline engine.

The clever way this combination works: At low speeds and short distances, the drive runs exclusively electrically. In addition, the specially designed 2.0 l petrol engine will be launched. While driving, the regenerative braking system is used, which makes use of braking energy to recharge the battery. As a customer, you do not have to go to an e-filling station!


Efficiency meets driving pleasure: The Ford Mondeo Hybrid

With this intelligent concept, the combined fuel consumption of the Mondeo Hybrid is an economical 4.8 l per 100 kilometers (according to manufacturer). Experience and enjoy pure hybrid driving pleasure to make a positive impact on your energy balance with your car rental!

An important note yet: Currently, renting the Mondeo Hybrid is only possible directly via our stations. So just get in touch with your desired branch and book your Ford Mondeo Hybrid!