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Rent your moving van and plan your move with Buchbinder: We make it easy for you


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A move usually means a lot of stress in addition to the anticipation of the new home. Dealing with the authorities, renovation work and the tedious packing of boxes take up a lot of time and even more nerves. With our wide range of vans in various sizes, this aspect of your move becomes very easy and you get exactly the vehicle you need. Find out what else there is to know about moving with Buchbinder!

Moving Supplies and Additional Services

Not only the vehicles can be rented from us at a reasonable price - we also have a lot of accessories and useful additional services on offer. Just take a look here and see what might be interesting for you!

Tips and tricks about moving

When you move, you have to think about a lot of things. When do I have to take care of notices of termination or the rewriting of contracts? Have I organized the necessary helpers? What do I need for renovation? Which transporter am I allowed to drive during my move? So that you know which vehicle you are allowed to drive and at the same time keep an eye on all the important issues, we have created a driver's license overview and a checklist for you to print out and check off for your move.

Driver license overview

Here you can download an overview of which vehicle you are allowed to drive with your driver's license.

Checklist for your move

Here you can download our checklist that will help you keep track of your move at all times.

Packing tips 

To ensure that all your belongings arrive well packed and in one piece in your new home, we have summarized some tips on packing for you in a text here.

Load securing

If you do not secure your load properly, you endanger not only yourself but also other road users. What should be considered when securing your boxes and pieces of furniture and what consequences an unsafe load can have, you can find out here.


Whether you need a van, or a truck - at Buchbinder we offer you a variety of options for your specific needs. Here we would like to give you an overview of the different vehicle and driver's license classes for vans and trucks, as well as their requirements and regulations.

Driving tips for a safe journey with your Buchbinder van or truck

In most cases, one drives a van or truck only for a special occasion and therefore rather rarely. One uses it for the transport after a purchase in the building market or furniture store or even for a move.

Due to the lack of routine in handling a transporter or truck, the drive can quickly become a real challenge. In order to get safely to your destination, you should think about some things beforehand and prepare the planned trip well. 

You should start by taking a look at our overview to find out which vehicle you are allowed to drive with your driver's license. We also give you 5 tips for driving a van / truck that will help you get to your destination safely.

1 Vehicle pick up

If you are inexperienced in driving a van or truck, then let our staff at the station show you the rented vehicle in detail. Clarify all open questions before you get into the vehicle. After getting in, first familiarize yourself with the functions of the vehicle and adjust the side and rear view mirrors correctly.

2 Driving

During your trip, always keep in mind that a van / truck is higher, wider and longer than a car. To familiarize yourself with the vehicle, you should make a few rounds in the parking lot of the rental station before participating in road traffic. If your vehicle has a navigation system, use it to plan your route. You can set the dimensions of the vehicle here and thus avoid driving a route that is not suitable for the rented vehicle due to its height, width or weight.

In addition, it is important to keep the following points in mind: Increase in overtaking distance due to slower acceleration due to the higher weight, increase in braking distance due to the higher weight of the vehicle, keep sufficient distance to other road users 

3 Speed

There are also a number of things to consider when driving a van / truck in terms of speed

Choose a speed that allows you to brake in time whenever you need to

Be especially careful in curves 

Adjust the speed so that the load arrives safely

Inform yourself about the maximum permissible speed of the vehicle before starting the journey

4 Maneuver

When maneuvering with your rental vehicle, be sure to seek assistance. Since vans and trucks do not have a rear window, you must rely on the outside mirrors, which limits your field of vision when backing up and can quickly cause you to miss things or people. To prevent this, have someone outside the vehicle help you by hand signals and verbal commands. A temporary no-parking zone is required for loading and unloading. You can easily apply for this at your respective city council or public order/road traffic department.

5 Environment

Since your vehicle is higher, wider and longer than a passenger car, you should drive especially careful and always be aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents. An adapted speed and an anticipatory driving style also help to avoid sharp braking maneuvers.


We cooperate with a wide range of partners in various fields to make your move even easier and more relaxed, and to save you money in the process! Do you have the cheapest energy supplier? Are your insurances all up to date and set correctly? Do you need a forwarding request? Here you will find answers to your questions.

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Stay reachable after your move: Use free relocation notification from Deutsche Post Adress.

Use the free relocation notification service from Deutsche Post Adress now to ensure that your contractual partners can still reach you by post after your move.

With the free relocation notification from Deutsche Post Adress, you remain accessible to important contractual partners. 


When you move, the forwarding service will ensure that mail forwarding of your letters to the new address is set up, for up to 12 months.

The Buchbinder Supersites: Our truck & van stations all over Germany.

Our stations are specialized to meet your vehicle needs. Each of our van & truck stations is located at a carefully selected site in Germany, offers different models and has the capacity to provide a substantial number of vans & trucks for your order peaks. We thus provide more choice and flexibility. Trained staff is waiting for you at each of our station, specialized in your transportation needs, with practical experience in special vehicles and knowledge of your requirements. 



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