Long-Term rentals

Buchbinder Rent-a-Car. Your professional for long-term-rentals

  • You need a vehicle to flexibly absorb working peaks?

  • Do you need a company car for a new employee?

  • Do you want to provide your employees with a company car as incentive bonus?

  • Do you need vehicles to bridge delivery-periods?

We offer a wide range of vehicles at favourable conditions!

Mail langzeitmieten@buchbinder.de or just give us a call: +49 0800 - 28 28 24 24*

Do you need actual rates? Just look at our special offers.

*number is free of charges on German landline, Mobile charges may vary

We are a professional when it comes to long-term-rentals – all across germany!

The long-term-rental is an attractive alternative to buying a car or financing or even leasing it, no matter if it's a passenger car, Cabrio, transporter or truck.

You place a contract with us and just pick up the vehicle at one of or rental stations.

We gladly provide you with the car on a requested location for a small fee.

Similiar to leasing, we as rental company buy the car and will provide it to you for a monthly lease payment. The minimum rental period will be negotiated with you individually (starting from 1 month) and can last up to 24 months.

Benefits of a long-term-rental

  • We offer individual vehicle equipment according to your whishes – similiar to purchasing a vehicle.

  • We offer high quality. Our preferred manufacturing-partnes are BMW, Opel and VW. In the field of trucks we are trusting the products of Mercedes and MAN.

  • A regular exchange of the current vehicle with a new one is possible.

  • You are highly financially flexible due to the  low monthly lease payment.

  • You don't have a risk of a terminal value, neither of a repair risk.

  • The rental fee includes motor vehicle tax, motor vehicle liability insurance and comprehensive cover.

  • The costs of transport and vehicle registration are included as well within the rental fee

  • In case of a damage (f. ex.: accidents, theft) we will take over the processing of the case.

  • We carry all costs for maintainance and repairs

  • Depending on the manufacturer, mobility warranties are often already included.



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