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Always mobile: Our long-term car rental


Long-term rental - the flexible mobility solution

Flexibility is important - from an entrepreneurial as well as a private point of view. We would like to contribute to making your company more flexible and thus a bit more successful. We also want to give our clients the opportunity to react quickly and creatively to special situations in their private lives. How's that going to work? With our model of long-term rental. Seasonal order peaks are not uncommon in many industries. And even as a private individual, there are situations in which mobility through one's own vehicle suddenly disappears and a bridging solution is needed. This is where we come in.

Long-term car rental as an alternative to leasing, purchase or financing

With a multitude of different vehicles (passenger cars, vans and trucks for corporate clients, a large selection of car models for private clients) you have the opportunity with us to always be "mobile on point" at attractive conditions. Find out now about our long-term rates for corporate and private clients!


These are the advantages over leasing, purchase or financing:

  • Flexible terms from the 1st month without minimum holding period
  • Including full service (i.e. maintenance and wear costs, motor vehicle tax, motor vehicle liability, GEZ fee, etc.)
  • Seamless replacement vehicle mobility at no extra cost in the event of a claim
  • Secure budget planning based on fixed monthly rents
  • Individual business package (Bluetooth, navigation system, winter tires, etc.) possible as equipment request
  • Easy and convenient change to another vehicle category
  • Fair vehicle valuation with a fixed retention in the event of a claim
  • Rental costs are fully deductible as operating expenses for companies and tradesmen.