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Mobile in the city - with Buchbinder


Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne - these are the largest cities in Germany. And these metropolises (as well as many of our other metropolitan areas) have a lot to offer: as major corporate locations they are versatile meeting places for business meetings, conventions and meetings - and with their cultural facilities and endless shopping opportunities they play an equally important role in our leisure activities.


With our city stations, we are represented in almost all major German cities. Often very central and yet conveniently located, the Buchbinder colleagues make sure that you are always mobile whether you are on a business trip, a city trip with friends or just planning a shopping trip with your partner.

By the way: With us you can book any amount of useful additional services and extras. An overview of these services can be found here.

Keyword parking stress: A solvable problem!

At first glance, the car may not seem to be the first choice when it comes to our often very busy cities.


Many traffic jams and construction sites and above all a difficult parking situation make many visitors resort to public transport. But even these have disadvantages: Masses of people who try squeeze into full buses and trains, punctuality can not be expected and you always rely on externally determined timetables, if you want from point A to B. Basically, with a rental car you are more free, more flexible and above all conveniently on the road. And there's a solution to the search for parking as well: In recent years, some clever "parking apps" have seen the light of day. For example, you can use the free App ParkNow to display the next free parking space in real time, have it navigate you directly to it, and also pay the parking fees directly via the app without any small change.  No annoying search of the machine, no cumbersome "remargin"! Just test this service on your next city trip - it's worth it! An important note: If you park with ParkNow, During a check it will be checked if you paid electronically and there is no tapping. The free sticker can be downloaded here for free


We hope you enjoy discovering German cities with Buchbinder and have a good trip!

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