Our insurances at Buchbinder Rent-a-Car

How is my car covered?

Every rental car has an unlimited general liability insurance. Therefore you are able to enjoy an extensive insurance  cover with Buchbinder-Rent-a-Car vehicles.

Can I  procure a part insurance cover and/or a comprehensive cover with Buchbinder Rent-a-Car?

Of course. We offer a reduction of the self-deductible amount, depending on the rented vehicle class. The recommended reduction of the liability can be contracted directly online or at your local renting station.

May I share my rental car with a second driver?

The usage of the car is only permitted to the signatory person mentioned on the rental contract.

If the car is to be used by several persons, we will charge an administration fee of 5,00 € per day and contract. This fee does not apply for family members of the renter and authorized drivers in corporate duty.

What  do I have to do, if there are any problems with the car?

If any problems should arise (f. ex. such as theft or an accident) you should contact the rental station or our toll-free service hotline 0800 - 28 28 24 24* (toll-free from German landline, mobile phone rates may vary).

What happens if I forgot something in the car after I returned the car?

Please directly contact the rental station, where you have returned your car. As all cars will be cleaned after the return, all forgotten objects will be found.  Please understand that we however cannot accept any liability for objects you left in the car.

Where can I find detailed information about  car rental?

If you wish to find out more about our general rental terms or general terms and conditions, you may view and download them via the following link.

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