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Which Browsersettings are needed for Buchbinder.de? 

For the optimal display of our vehicles, our Website has been optimized for every screen resolution. But to  be able to fully view our rental cars, your browser needs to have active JavaScript/Style Sheets. Additionally, the installation of a Flash Plug-In is recommended. If you are using older browsers, which do not support ECMA Script, JavaScript or VBScript, our Website can't be displayed.

Therefore we recommend one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer Version 9.0 and higher
Mozilla Firefox Version 3.0 and higher
Safari  Version 528 and higher
Google Chrome Version 4.0 and higher
Opera Version 10.0 and higher


Can I view Buchbinder.de on my Apple  smart-phone or my Android?

Yes, you can view our  Homepage with the latest version of Apple smart-phones ( f. ex. Iphone 5 and 5s) and Android smart-phones. These devices have already integrated the neccessary Internetsetting for Buchbinder.de. 

Why do I need a Flash Plug-In to surf on Buchbinder.de?

The Flash Plug-In enables the browser to acces Flash movies. In most cases, this plug-in is already integrated within the browser. You can view the pages of our Buchbinder Rent-a-Car Website without the Flash Plug-In, but the product presentation movies of or vehicles, like corporate cars and second-hand-cars, are not accessible if the Plug-In is not installed.



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