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Which documents are needed, when picking up my rental car?

When renting with Buchbinder Rent-a-Car, please always carry your valid driver's license and a valid Identity card (Issued by an european country) along. Passports, which are valid for at least another month, are being accepted as well. We also need your instrument of payment: All established, internationally authorized Credit cards are being accepted. The vehicle classes „Economy“ and „Compact“ can be rented with an cash card, a credit card is essential for all other vehicle classes. With these documents provided, a smooth contracting process is guaranteed for your rental.

Of what age do I have to be, to be able to rent  a car?

The minimu age required to drive a car of our Buchbinder-Fleet, is 21 years, for medium-class cars the age of 24 years is required. Exceptions are only made for special offers, like the „Young Driver Special“ .  Excluded from these restrictions are only drivers of corporate cars under corporate duty.

Which services are included in the rental fee?

The rental prices are calculated by time (per period or part thereof) and – in some cases of special rates or special vehicle types – additionally by kilometers driven. In general, the rental fee includes: expenditures for oil consumption, maintenance, wear-and-tear repairs and a vehicle general liability insurance. All fuel costs are at the expenses of the renter. Please note our on-site-refueling service, whose terms and conditions are to be viewed in our local Buchbinder branches. AdBlue-additives and all tolls required by the laws of the country you are currently dwelling in are not included in the rental fee and are therefore at the expenses of the renter. If a processing of subsequently incoming tickets or traffic violations is required, we will charge you for these plus an administration fee

Can I also return a car in a different location, than where I have rented it?

What  are the costs?  Basically, you can return your rental car at any branch of Buchbinder Rent-a-Car, but this depends on the chosen rate. If you return the car at any other rental station, than the one agreed on, we will charge you an additional fee of 50,00 €.

When do I have to pay for the rental car?

The final payment of the total renting fee will be effected after return of the rental car, generally via your credit card.

Can I rent any car  anytime and anywhere? 

Our vehicles, like passenger card, as well as transportes and trucks, are classified in different categories. If you decide renting a car with Buchbinder Rent-a-Car, your booking a vehicle-class. On the one hand, this is supposed to simplify your choice of products, on the other hand it leaves the possibility to offer several cars of similiar brand at the same rental conditions. Please understand, that due to this an assurance a certain brand or a certain equipement feature can't be given. Nevertheless Buchbinder Rent-a-Car does it´s best to correspond to your wishes, so you can have your preferred rental car.

Can I return my rental car outside of the office hours?

During our office hour of our Buchbinder Rent-a-Car branches, our Employees gladly accept the car personally when returning it. If the return is intended to be effected outside of our office hours, we kindly ask you to contact the rental station in charge on how to handle the return of your rental car. 



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