Buchbinder claims management -
fair and transparent

Customer satisfaction is our top priority as a leading mobility service provider. That's why we guarantee fair and transparent claims management so that your rental runs without complications.

We understand that claims management is always a sensitive issue and want you to rent vehicles at Buchbinder Rent-a-Car with a good feeling. Even if there is damage to the vehicle, this does not automatically result in a bill. Because we evaluate each individual case.

Our damage management at a glance

✔ Inspection of all vehicles in accordance with quality and safety standards.

✔ Detailed documentation of previous damage on the rental contract.

✔ Personal vehicle check upon handover of the vehicle*.

✔ Joint reconciliation of existing damage upon vehicle return*.

✔ Immediate e-mailing of the return protocol in accordance with Driver ID.

✔ Save processing fees and settle new damage directly on site, according to price lists for Direct Claims Settlement.

*Within normal business hours and limited during peak hours.

For rentals at the airport and for deliveries, the following applies: Without a personal handover, report any undocumented previous damage via SMS or QR code. You can find more information here.

Save on handling fees and settle new claims directly on site, according to the price lists for 'Direct Claims Handling'.

Price List cars

Price list vans & trucks

What is damage?

✔ Scratches from 2cm*

✔ Stripe damage*

✔ Dents from 2cm**

✔ Deformations

✔ Fractures

✔ Cuts

✔ cracks

✔ Stone chips Glass

✔ Damage to tires

✔ Accidental damage

✔ Missing parts

✔ Incorrect fueling

✔ Heavy soiling

✔ Burn holes

Scratches and dents less than 2 cm are considered by Buchbinder as signs of use and will not be charged to you.


* Except for the truck in the cargo area, here they are considered as a trace of use.

** Dents from 5cm on the truck in the cargo area


Detailed information can be found in our Van & Truck claims brochure.

This is our most important tool

Using our Quick Damage Check card, we illuminate all checkpoints at every vehicle handover so that we can correctly assign damage.

What should I do in the event of an accident or damage?

✔ Notify the police and Europcar immediately. This also applies in the event of self-inflicted accidents not involving third parties or if damage has occurred to objects, e.g. walls, crash barriers, fences, hedges, etc.
✔ Prepare a written accident report/damage report. You will find a form for this in your vehicle documents or here for cars or vans.